Mad cobra - life gone down

Lyrics for Live Your Life by Mad Cobra. l said live your life oh you see your life, life don't give up they say get 1 life to live...

The industry has found ways to rebound in the past—could that happen again?
In the end, it’s up to the fans and consumers to change things. When they pony up and start buying the sex scenes they consume, maybe I’ll return to more active work as a model. The studios need to stop selling out to Canadian conglomerates. More American porn companies that have been around for decades are owned by Canadian corporations than . ones. It’s whitewashing our condom-based adult media and leaving us more bored with our porn than ever. Porn, and sex on camera, is a risk. And corporations don’t take risks because they care about one thing only: their financial assets, and not losing them. So where do you think that puts the trend in today’s gay porn media-making landscape?

Mad Cobra - Life Gone DownMad Cobra - Life Gone DownMad Cobra - Life Gone DownMad Cobra - Life Gone Down